Compling Samba-2.2.5 with spinlocks using Sun Forte C

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Aug 7 06:18:03 GMT 2002

Bogdan Iamandei wrote:
> According to my information, there *is* an acknowledged problem with
> Solaris' fcntl locking causing excessive spins on mutexes. One of the
> Sun engineers reccomended us (BTW: Adrian waves HI! from 2 meters away)
> as a quick fix to use the spinlocks. Now, IMO that's not a really good
> ideea, due to the *much* higher risks of having the whole thing on
> spinlocks.

	Hi too!
> I'll send you the internal BugIDs over private mail, since I am not
> really sure what's the policy with making them public.

	The numbers and public summaries are public enough
	to discuss.

	I've looked at the reports, and see we're hitting the
	idiom of locking the last byte of the file, which
	hints we might find a locality-of-reference handle
	on the problem...

	I'm looking at the Samba code, wondering if there
	is an approach that can be done there to adress
	the problem, but nothing jumps out at me...

	What can I do to help, guys?

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