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Tue Aug 6 09:21:02 GMT 2002

hi all!

There is the new netatalk module both for HEAD and 2.2.5
versions. This one has some difference from previous module:
-- it doesn't care about creating of .AppleDouble forks, just keeps ones in
-- if share in smb.conf doesn't contain .AppleDouble item in hide or veto 
list, it will be added automatically.

To my way of thinking, module became more lightweight and speedy.

It is a bit off-topic, but I'd place it here, becasue people ask me how to
compile and install.
How to compile: 
1) Samba-HEAD (3.0)
you should place proper netatalk.c into examples/VFS/ then run 'configure'
from source/ and then run 'make' from examples/VFS/.
2) Samba-2.2.5
put netatalk.c for this version of Samba into examples/VFS/ then add 
'' to 'VFS_OBJS' at '' and then run 'configure' from 

How to use: 
add string 'vfs object = <path_to_netatalk_so>/' to smb.conf. It may
be defined either as global or as share-specific parameter.
End of off-topic.

One more thing regarding MacOS applications is opened for this moment,
i.e. how they must be presented for the non-Mac users?
For example, we have an Mac application which lies on the samba share, e.g.
share1/folder1/ From point of view of non-Mac users this is just
directory with a lot of files or even less ;) When somebody will try to delete
any subfolder or file from it may cause variuos Finder errors on Mac
right up to closing of connection. I guess that it would be nice to make Mac
application either be visible like a file or make it read-only to avoid such
a situation.
huh.. btw, I see one more problem with copying of from
share1/folder1 to share1/folder2 due to is hidden.
Any suggestions?

Alexei Kotovich /* Software developer, SaM-Solutions Ltd. */
As crazy as hauling timber into the woods.
		-- Quintus Horatius Flaccus (Horace)

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