Compiling Samba-2.2.5 with spinlocks using Sun Forte C

Adrian LEE ajlee at
Tue Aug 6 20:41:01 GMT 2002


Thanks to those people who responded.  For the moment I've built
2.2.5 with spinlocks using gcc.  It doesn't build directly
out of the box for anyone that might be interested.  The tdb Makefile
needs a little tweak to ensure the rt lib is linked as  LIBS don't appear to be
passed through the build to that Makefile and when configuring
rt needs to be added the list of LIBS.  Anyone have any thoughts
regarding use of sched_yield (activated by the USE_SCHED_YIELD define)
or nanosleep (in the tdb/spinlock.c) on Solaris? I've used the latter
but both are support on Solaris.


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