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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Aug 1 06:42:02 GMT 2002

Jim Myers wrote:
> Andrew, you mentioned that Samba should produce the same error codes
> as a Windows remote share.
> Here's an interesting case:  The test below runs correctly on native
> NTFS, but fails as shown below with a remote Win2K share.
> Samba produces the same error code as the remote case which means it
> fails IFSTEST as well.
> So it appears even Microsoft doesn't produce identical results with
> local and remote NTFS disks/shares.

It's probably a case of the leading slash being eaten by the protocol -
we probably never see it at the server.

> +++Microsoft (R) Installable File System Test for Windows NT/2000+++
> +++Test SW Build 0007 Init Wednesday July 31, 2002 17:09:31+++
> Test         :FileRelativePathCreationTest
> Group        :OpenCreateGeneral
> File         :g:\ifstest\code\opcreatg\frelpath.c
> Line         :500
> Description  :
> An attempt was made at a relative file creation. This operation
> is identical to a previous relative file creation, execept
> here the filename is specified with a leading slath. This
> is illegal and should return an invalid parameter status.

This looks like a *very* intersting tool.  Particulary with the NTSTATUS
codes displayed etc.

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