Visual Studio 6 + Samba 2.2.5 misbehaves.

bdavids1 at bdavids1 at
Thu Aug 1 07:06:15 GMT 2002

As others have said, this is a time syncronization issue which is not 
Samba specific.

When the file is saved to the server, the timestamp put on the file is 
the Server's time.  Assume for a moment that the server time is ahead 
of the workstation time.

Visual basic will periodically check the timestamp on a file.  If the 
time is newer than when it last wrote to the file, someone else 
modified it - hence the "This file has been modified outside of the 
source editor."  In otherwords, if I last wrote to the file at 6:00, 
and happen to take a look at it and it says it was written to at 6:01 
then I can only conclude that someone else wrote to it.

If the server is 1 minute ahead, then it will save the file with a 
timestamp of 6:01 if I save it at 6:00WT (Workstation Time).  That's 
where your error message is coming from.

Novell builds time synchronization into the workstation clients to 
prevent these types of problems.  There's no way to solve it only 
server side, otherwise it would be part of Samba, Windows NT, NetWare, 
and pretty much every other NOS.

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