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Tue Apr 30 12:07:02 GMT 2002

The cifs vfs module for Linux does not require a mount helper (the mount
code, session setup, tree connect etc. is all in kernel) so it is smaller.
The tradeoff of course is the inability to resolve dns names in kernel (ie
ip address of the server must be specified when mounting when not using a
user space helper program).

The CIFS vfs should be up on the samba site as soon as a distinct directory
is created in cvs for it (I don't think I have cvs authority for that).

>From: Abdij Bhat <Abdij.Bhat at>
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>Abdij Bhat <Abdij.Bhat at>
>Subject: smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt
>Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 23:32:58 +0530
 >I am deploying samba for an embedded system. The requirement is that the
>system should be able to mount windows share points. I believe "smbmount,
>smbumount and smbmnt" components are needed to do the same. I am not very
>clear about smbmnt though!
 >I find that smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt are all quite huge. Around 300
>to 400Kb each.
 >I understand that Samba is capable of doing complex things. However if
>i need is the ability to mount and unmount share points do i need this big
>smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt?
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