smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt

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Tue Apr 30 12:03:01 GMT 2002

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Abdij Bhat wrote:

> Hi,
>  I am deploying samba for an embedded system. The requirement is that the
> system should be able to mount windows share points. I believe "smbmount,
> smbumount and smbmnt" components are needed to do the same. I am not very
> clear about smbmnt though!
>  I find that smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt are all quite huge. Around 300
> to 400Kb each.
>  I understand that Samba is capable of doing complex things. However if all
> i need is the ability to mount and unmount share points do i need this big a
> smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt?
>  Also whenever i choose SMB_FS support in the Kernel configuration, i am
> forced to choose the NLS. Do i really need it? How can i do without it? Also
> the smbmount demands codepage.850, codepage-def.850, unicode_map.850,
> unicode_map.ISO8859-1 files. I have not provided the same in my embedded
> development environment. Funnily, although it complains that the above files
> were not found, it works fine! What does this mean? What are its
> implications? Can i do without these too?

Welcome to my nightmare :-)

>  My target is MIPS running on Linux. I could not compile Samba for MIPS
> directly. However after some jugglery i changed my Makefile and it compiled
> me smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt. Now smb works on my target system too.
> However the file size is huge [801, 815 and 797 Kb]. How can i reduce this?

Samba is not well structured from the point of view of people only trying 
to build a small number of components like that, however, it may be that 
you do actually need much of that stuff.

I have just gone through the process of extracting part of smbtorture out 
to simply do the netbench stuff, and I have reduced the number of files 
built and linked from 122 to about 33.

However, I do not want to do that for Samba.

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