[kalele@samba.org: CVS update: samba/source/rpc_parse]

Tim Potter tpot at samba.org
Wed Apr 17 19:49:02 GMT 2002

The offline files people not on the samba-cvs list may be interested in
this discovery by Kalele:

>Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/rpc_parse
>In directory va:/tmp/cvs-serv18790/rpc_parse
>Modified Files:
>      Tag: SAMBA_2_2
>	parse_srv.c 
>Log Message:
>Found that with XP, clients have started using infolevel 1005 (0x3ED) of
>NetShareGetInfo to determine offline caching policy for a share. This infolevel
>used to return only dfs rootness before.
>Added code to return the policy value as expected by XP. If this is absent,
>roaming profiles give warnings on XP.
>parse_srv.c =>
>	http://www.samba.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/samba/source/rpc_parse/parse_srv.c?r1=


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