tdbtool - cleaning up winbind idmap

Noel Kelly nkelly at
Sat Apr 13 00:31:04 GMT 2002

I am having trouble upgrading my 2.2.3a samba/winbindd install because the
remnants of an old, defunct test domain are still hanging around in the

Using tdbtool I can see the offending records and want to delete them.  They
seem to exist as a pairing like this:

key = "NTMIXED/517\00"
data = "GID 10026\00"

key = "GID 10026\00"
data = "NTMIXED/517\00"

Now I can look up (and therefore delete) the first record using its key like

tdb> show NTMIXED/517
key 12 bytes
data 10 bytes
[000] 47 49 44 20 31 30 30 32  36 00                    GID 1002 6

But I simply cannot hit on a way to reference the second record by its key
and therefore am unable to delete it.  Any ideas ?

Is there any tidying up carried out by winbindd on the idmap file ?  Perhaps
a small utility to clear out defunct domains might be an idea if it is going
to hamper upgrades ?


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