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Fri Apr 12 08:51:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Pranay Tembhekar wrote:

> Hi,
>     Ru trying to connect Samba machine from Windows 2000...!!! If yes...then
> just try to do one thing go Local Security Policy (i.e. in the Control Panel
> --> Administrative Tools ). The go to Local Policies --> Security Option & just
> double click this option --> "Send Unencrypted password to connect to
> third-party SMB servers." just enable this option if it is disabled...& then
> try to restart the machine to make the settings effective...& try to access
> Samba machine after restart...!!! there r several reasons to get the error u
> specified...but still u can try this option...!!! this can be done in NT 4.0
> also...!!!

Ummmm, NO. DON'T.

First, try to set up Samba to use encrypted passwords.

If you really must set your Windows systems to use un-encrypted passwords, 
the source distro comes with reg files for each version of windows that 
will set those variables for you. They are in: 
samba/samba-$version/docs/Registry/ and have names like 

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