problems with VFS interface / audit.c example

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Sat Apr 6 08:05:01 GMT 2002

Simo Sorce wrote:

> > Ok. Hum, IIRC Alexander Bokovoy works on stackable (cascaded?) VFS
> > modules? Alexander, any news? I'd assume, this will mean a big change of
> > the VFS interface (again)?
> Yes, Alexander is coming out with a new stackable VFS draft for Samba,
> and will present the draft at sambaxp convention (

Hum, reminds me that I haven't decided yet to attend or not, but for a
student it's a little bit too expensive. 

> We had talked few times and I think it will be good.
> But, all this stackable stuff is for Samba 3.0, not for 2.2.x series, so
> you can consider the 2.2.>=4 VFS stable.

Ah, ok, I wasn't aware of the fact it's only for Samba 3.0. A stable VFS
in the 2.2.x series would be nice, indeed :)

> > > If you fix the samba-vscan module and send in the code I can
> > > add it to the VFS directory and we'll try and keep it maintained
> > > with Samba releases.
> > Well, the current version (0.2.4) can be found at
> > - I'm not quite

> Very nice, we'll wait them :)
Ok, 0.2.5b1 can be found at the URL mentioned above, which works for me
with Samba 2.2 CVS from yesterday (probably I broke Samba 2.2.0-2.2.3 /
Samba 3.0 alphaX support, so everyone not using 2.2.4-pre should still
use 0.2.4). 

Jeremy & Simo, if you like I'll send you a slightly modified tarball
(i.e. without the dif's for Samba 2.2.0-2.2.3 and probably without those
#if SAMBA_VERSION==<version> stuff) for inclusion into the exmaples/VFS
directory (i.e. examples/VFS/samba-vscan). It's up to you, whether it
should be included or not :)


best regards,
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