How to interpret the TRANS2_QUERY_PATH_INFORMATION response dataf ield?

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Apr 4 09:28:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, DOELKER,RAINER (HP-Germany,ex2) wrote:

> Hi experts,
> I'm currently about to invest a problem I have with smbmount (samba2.2.0) on
> a linux-box).

Your problem isn't with smbmount, it is with smbfs. smbmount doesn't send
any TRANS2_QUERY_PATH_INFORMATION requests. Care to share what problem
you are having?

> The only difference I've seen when it failed is in the
> TRANS2_QUERY_PATH_INFORMATION response datafield requested for a specific
> file shortly after successful SMBcreate(). 

What do you mean by datafield? Are you looking at some network trace? In 
which program?

Like many other SMBs TRANS2_QUERY_PATH_INFORMATION can be used in
different modes ("infolevels") where different information is returned. 


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