Windows viruses hitting linux.....

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Fri Sep 28 08:30:02 GMT 2001

"Correale, Ernest" wrote:
> David,
>         Can you point me in the right direction for more info on Samba's
> ability to "veto" files.  This would be very useful in many ways.

	The syntax is veto files = slash-list,
	where a slash list is something like 

 	It's a "list of files not to allow the client to 
	see when listing a directory's contents". 
	That means user's can't find them in
	a directory, and in principle can't read
	or write them.

	This is not perfect: you might be able
	to open a file with an absolute path to
	infect it, but you can't search for it
	so the latter makes it hard for virii
	to spread.

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