NetWare consolidation on zLinux/Samba

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Fri Sep 28 04:52:02 GMT 2001

Jocelyn Denis wrote:
> Thank you Steven for these informations, we are investigating....
> The customer environment and needs are :
>    Existing 800+ Novell NetWare servers on about 100 locations world-wide
>    (400 servers on the headquarter site) :
>         File servers
>         Application servers
>         NDS servers (only one NDS structure world-wide)
>         Time servers
>         And some NT servers

	Aha!  That may be the key...

>    Preliminary technical tests :
>         It seems we cannot propose a migration process from NetWare NDS to
>         zLinux and/or Samba :
>              We have been unable to Export NDS informations (on LDIF file)
>              to Import on zLinux (only UserId and GroupId can be exported,
>              that far away from what's needed !!!)

	Microsoft have a program to do migration from NDS to
	NT Domains, which can extract the user data and place
	it in the PDC's filesystems.  From here, the user
	data, groups and hopefully password hashes can be
	extracted and dropped into a samba server.

	The individual files can be moved using scopy.exe from
	NT to Samba, preserving ACLs.

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