Migration from Netware to Samba

Rafal Szczesniak mimir at spin.ict.pwr.wroc.pl
Fri Sep 28 03:14:20 GMT 2001

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Gerald Carter wrote:

> Hmmm....here's a thought. Is there a pam_nds.so module?

Yes it is. Developed by Novell.

> How about using 'update encrypted' with a pam module?
> You can then migrate the password hashes to Samba....
> Just a thought. I'm assuming the update encrypted code
> works with a clear text login using PAM.
> > Might be fun to write a utility to migrate more easily from a Windows
> > 2000 DC to Samba too (i.e. list users, groups, shares on server A then
> > create the corresponding entries on server B - then copy the exported
> > files/directories under the shares on server A to server B then setup
> > similar Access Control on Server B for these directories)
> Tim's new samsync stuff (recently ported from TNG) and use scopy.exe
> to move files (maintains acls).

Then it's just a matter of writing proper howto ;-)

> cheers, jerry

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