Directory Permissions help

Shanker Balan shanu at
Fri Sep 28 00:09:04 GMT 2001


Sanvir Singh Jham wrote,
> I have a server with samba installed. Here I want to  give a group all
> permissions to a particular directory.  So far so good no problem.
> Now when a user in the group creates a sub directory, other users of the
> group are not  able to add/change/delete files in this subdirectory due
> to the group write permissions are not set when the sub directory is
> created.  This is then set manually. How do I overcome this?
> I want that anyone in the group can do anything in this directory
> structure.  Do I have to set force unix group and force unix directory
> mode? If so how?
$ man smb.conf

See "create mask", "directory mask", "force create mode", "force directory
mode" and "inherit permissions".

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