Question about LsaGetConnectedCredentials

jtrostel at jtrostel at
Thu Sep 27 10:16:01 GMT 2001

Using the patch you made, which is now in the official CVS, I can take
ownership correctly as a domain member.  I am still having problems taking
ownership if I am NOT a domain member though.

Somehow, I need to convince SAMBA to look for valid users and groups in the
local passwd/smbpasswd files if the lookup fails for DOMAIN users.  Do you know
where in the samba code I need to fiddle to make this a success?  Basically I
need to know where/why I get 

Unable to take ownership because the account "JTSNT\\jt|||..." could not be
accessed on the remote machine because of the following error: The account could
not be found

The machines are in a PDC controlled domain "CEO", although the calling NT box
is now in any domain (he is running in a workgroup "JTSNT").  I have logged
into the NT box as user "jt-ntonly" and then specify "jt" as the user when
accessing the SAMBA box.  The user "jt" is available ONLY as a locally-defined
user on the SAMBA box.  All other SAMBA functions seem to function correctly
and act like the local-SAMBA user "jt".

John M. Trostel
Senior Software Engineer
Quantum / SnapAppliances
jtrostel at

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