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Samba has its own Virtual Filesystem Layer.  I don't have details handy as
it's not something I've worked on myself, but if you look through the
Samba-Technical archives you should be able to find many references to it. 

You can build your own Samba-VFS layer to talk to your application.

Chris -)-----

> Hello!
> We want to implement a samba interface for a file
> sharing application we
> have developed. Our application is written in php and
> uses a rather complex
> sql based permission system. The are a few problems
> that led us to the
> idea that we have to modify the smbd and/or nmbd(?)
> code:
> 1) The filesystem tree (with names, info) is stored in
> the database,
> all the files reside in a single disk folder and the
> physical filename
> contains the file id. So we need to read from the
> database when listing
> directories, instead of reading directory data from
> the disk.
> 2) File permissions are also stored in the database.
> We need to check
> the database before performing basic file operations
> (open, unlink).
> 3) We want to provide HomeDir-like shares for special
> directories stored
> in our filesystem.
> What we want to ask you is which functions we have to
> modify and where
> we have to implement our permission checking system.
> We mention that we haven't developed samba code.
> However, we have developed a few small linux projects
> in C.
> Thanks
> Radu Rendec
>  &
> Ion Dumitrache
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