Modifying smbd

Radu Rendec rrendec at
Thu Sep 27 09:29:25 GMT 2001


We want to implement a samba interface for a file
sharing application we
have developed. Our application is written in php and
uses a rather complex
sql based permission system. The are a few problems
that led us to the
idea that we have to modify the smbd and/or nmbd(?)

1) The filesystem tree (with names, info) is stored in
the database,
all the files reside in a single disk folder and the
physical filename
contains the file id. So we need to read from the
database when listing
directories, instead of reading directory data from
the disk.

2) File permissions are also stored in the database.
We need to check
the database before performing basic file operations
(open, unlink).

3) We want to provide HomeDir-like shares for special
directories stored
in our filesystem.

What we want to ask you is which functions we have to
modify and where
we have to implement our permission checking system.
We mention that we haven't developed samba code.
However, we have developed a few small linux projects
in C.


Radu Rendec
Ion Dumitrache

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