SAMBA_2.2 and spinlocks

Hans-Jörg Wolff hans-joerg.wolff at
Wed Sep 26 21:52:02 GMT 2001


when configuring the actual SAMBA_2.2 from cvs to use spinlocks I get a
segmentation fault calling smbstatus. smbstatus crashes when opening the tdb
and clearing in there any spinlocks (??).
So my question is, if the use of spinlocks is depreciated ?
When using spinlocks and changing the answer of this_is_smp() to 1 we
encountered no longer any problems with a dual-PIII server and Visual FoxPro
application which crashes regulary on previous version of 2.2.x


Hans-Jörg Wolff
mailto:hans-joerg.wolff at

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