Migration from Netware to Samba

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Wed Sep 26 06:18:01 GMT 2001

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Steven French wrote:

> Does anyone know of any existing efforts to describe, document or
> automate NDS migration to Samba (or directly to another LDAP server)?
> I found a few articles describing people's experiences doing
> migrations but they seemed pretty dated.

Not aware of any.  Unless NDS is storing the clear text (i know it
can, but don't but doubt this is the default), you will almost certainly
have to generate new lm/nt password hashes.

Hmmm....here's a thought. Is there a pam_nds.so module?
How about using 'update encrypted' with a pam module?
You can then migrate the password hashes to Samba....
Just a thought. I'm assuming the update encrypted code
works with a clear text login using PAM.

Moving shares is another thing because IIRC, netware and WinNT
have different semantics for file sharing are difficult to
map from one to another.  FOr example, netware won't display
folders that the user does not have permission to read?

I wonder if the scopy.exe solution (see below) will work with a netware

> Might be fun to write a utility to migrate more easily from a Windows
> 2000 DC to Samba too (i.e. list users, groups, shares on server A then
> create the corresponding entries on server B - then copy the exported
> files/directories under the shares on server A to server B then setup
> similar Access Control on Server B for these directories)

Tim's new samsync stuff (recently ported from TNG) and use scopy.exe
to move files (maintains acls).

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