Samba queries.

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at
Tue Sep 25 07:52:19 GMT 2001

I wouldn't want to speak for the developers or the list, but I don't think
samba it self has any such capabilities.  That said, last month's issue of
SysAdmin magazine had an article on using heartbeat (from
high availability in a cluster environment.

Fair warning... My first try to impliment it brought my network down; due
entirely to my lack of understanding of what and how heartbeat was going to
do fail-over.  I haven't had the time to go back since, but it does look
like a solution.

Bruce Ferrell

"Prasad, Sreenivasa" wrote:

> Hi,
>         Could you please clarify some of my doubts.
>    Does SAMBA have some clustering capability for load balancing and high
> availability.
>    If so, any pointers/info is really helpful.
> Cheers,
> /Prasad.

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