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Wed Sep 19 14:35:06 GMT 2001

If I am using winbind, should the domain users and groups ever show up in the
passwd or group files?  I can authenticate using the Domain server, I can see
the users and groups using wbinfo, there are .tdb files in

However, getpwent and the passwd file itself do not have any additional entries
in them.  The winbind man page 'seems' to indicate that getent passwd will then
show up the domain entries.  It doesn't.

Currently, I am trying to get the pam.d/* files correct, but the system is a
rh7.1 variant and therefore the general winbind man page doesn't talk about the
proper entries to change/modify/add.

The winbind man page needs to cover this for rh71 with specific reference with
what to do about the /lib/security/ service=system-auth entries. 
The man page should list exactly which pam.d files need to be changed to allow
either just samba file/print sharing to work or to allow full login and
authentication via the Domain controller to work (if they indeed are different).

It would be nice if example files were presented in a 'before' and 'after' mode.

P.S.  booting to single user mode is your friend when playing with pam ;->

John M. Trostel
Senior Software Engineer
Quantum / SnapAppliances
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