multiple nmbds domains workgroups

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Sep 18 09:52:16 GMT 2001

> > It's probably not worth pursuing this now with the port 445 change and
> > lack of the session request, but we probably could have made it work
> > OK at the time.
> yeh, what the heck :)

I'm interested, as I said, because I want to document stuff like this.

> thought about this some more overnight.
> if you can respond to *SMBSERVER (via an smb.conf option)
> with a NetBIOS Session Reject message, then the client (win)
> will do a Node Status lookup automatically, and connect
> to the real NetBIOS name from there.

Assuming that there's only one name of the required type.  What happens if
the server is a browser for multiple workgroups (question remains--is that
possible?)  What happens if the server offers virtual servers or aliases?

In theory, remember that NBT is a virtual LAN system and that it emulates
the old PC-LAN/MS-Net system, it should be possible to run multiple server
services, each with a different name, on a given host.  The name is the
complete address of the service, so it should not matter where (on which
host) the service is running.

That's theory.

In practice the defacto standard implementation makes such things
difficult at best.

I'll dig into the details as I learn more.

> then, create an smb.conf suite including by called name
> config file = /usr/local/samba/etc/smb.conf.%m
> [config dir] = /usr/local/samba/%m/
> [not sure what the config dir option is really]
> then, in nmbd on every UDP mailslot received, set
> the remote_machine global variable from the UDP
> calling name, and call reload_services() *before*
> responding to the UDP mailslot.
> this'll probably be horribly slow, but it would
> work with minimal coding.

Not sure I follow but there are known gaps in my knowledge which I'm 
desparately trying to fill.  ;)

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