multiple nmbds domains workgroups

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Sep 18 09:46:11 GMT 2001

> I've just looked over our discussion on this from the time (from
> 1996!) and the idea of tying the workgroup to a netbios alias was
> indeed raised - I'd forgotten about that solution. 

So, if the workgroup name was "foo" then we would also create a foo<20> 
which would allow the browse sync to occur correctly.

> It looks like we didn't have a really good solution to the *SMBSERVER
> and NBT node status problems (remember MS was pushing the horrible
> idea finding the netbios name for an IP by looking for the first type
> 0x20 name in a node status response on name '*').

Ah.  This points out another problem in the SMB URL doc.  I currently
(based on older docs) have a description in the appendix that talks about
finding the first unique <20> name in order to determine whether the
system is offering file services or is acting as a browser.  Only Steve
French really objected to that so I put it to the back of my mind while
dealing with the other issues. 

This points out how right Steve was.  Relying on the <20> name is no good
because you should be able to set up virtual servers and aliases.  The 
devil is in the details...

> I suspect these
> problems wouldn't be major show stoppers in practice because the
> browse synchronisation process is unlikely to trigger such atrocities.

I need to nail down the details of browse sync for my book...

> It's probably not worth pursuing this now with the port 445 change and
> lack of the session request, but we probably could have made it work
> OK at the time.

Interesting for the docs in any case.


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