How to use /etc/passwd file From Windows Clients

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One other issue with plaintext passwords that is often confusing is
that NT and W2K clients will prompt for a username and password
when you reconnect to the shares even if your NT password and *NIX 
password are the same. The dialog box indicates the passwords are
wrong even though you know they are correct. It really should say
"I'm about to send a plaintext password. Do you want to continue?"

"MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1)" wrote:
> Hello Mohan,
> To force Samba to use /etc/passwd, the password from the client must come
> in in 'plaintext', and you must have "encrypt passwords=no" in your
> smb.conf.
> This means that all of your win9x winNT and win2k clients must have a
> registry
> hack applied to allow them to send plaintext passwords.  Which also means
> that
> the password is going to be visible to any 'network sniffer' that can see
> packets
> on your network.
> In the latest version of Samba there are registry files for the various
> windows
> os'es that you can doubleclick on from the client to apply the registry hack
> appropriate for each os.
> But you have to decide whether a bit of confusion between /etc/passwd and
> smbpassword
> is'nt worth NOT sending plaintext passwords over the wire, AND having to
> manually hack
> the registry of each client to make it happen.
> Don
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> Hi ,
>    I am using samba-2.0.6-9 version .I am accessing all the shares and homw
> folders using smbpasswd file. Because of this end users are confusing
> between
> /etc/passwd & /etc/smbpasswd files.
> Is there any option to use /etc/passwd files instead of using
> /etc/smbpasswd.If so Please help me regarding in this and also guide me how
> to
> do that.
> Thanks in Advance
> Regards
> Mohan P

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