How to use /etc/passwd file From Windows Clients

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Hello Mohan,
To force Samba to use /etc/passwd, the password from the client must come
in in 'plaintext', and you must have "encrypt passwords=no" in your

This means that all of your win9x winNT and win2k clients must have a
hack applied to allow them to send plaintext passwords.  Which also means
the password is going to be visible to any 'network sniffer' that can see
on your network.
In the latest version of Samba there are registry files for the various
os'es that you can doubleclick on from the client to apply the registry hack
appropriate for each os.

But you have to decide whether a bit of confusion between /etc/passwd and
is'nt worth NOT sending plaintext passwords over the wire, AND having to
manually hack
the registry of each client to make it happen.


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Hi ,

   I am using samba-2.0.6-9 version .I am accessing all the shares and homw
folders using smbpasswd file. Because of this end users are confusing
/etc/passwd & /etc/smbpasswd files.

Is there any option to use /etc/passwd files instead of using
/etc/smbpasswd.If so Please help me regarding in this and also guide me how
do that.

Thanks in Advance
Mohan P

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