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Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo acme at
Sat Sep 15 09:12:02 GMT 2001

Em Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 04:48:15PM -0700, Andrew Tridgell escreveu:
> > IIRC from talks with Andrew, there are some protocol limitation
> > to implementing this.  I'll let him or Chris (or Jeremy)
> > comment on this specifics as they are escaping my mind right now.
> yes, there are protocol limitations. The problem is that there are
> parts of the protocol where the client asks a question that has a
> workgroup specific answer but the client gives no indication as to
> what workgroup they are interested in. The NetServerEnum RAP call
> comes to mind. In that call client may choose whether to supply a
> workgroup, and if it isn't supplied then the server is supposed to use
> its workgroup. So which workgroup would you use?
> That's why when Luke implemented multiple workgroup support in Samba
> several years ago we didn't integrate it - we didn't have a solution
> to this problem and the consequences were that machines leaked between
> workgroups (so you could eventually end up with all machines showing
> up in all workgroups). This happens because NetServerEnum is used for
> browse synchronisation within workgroups.

> I don't think this is the only part of the protocol where you have
> this type of problem. It's pretty much an inevitable result of having
> a complex protocol combined with Microsoft not implementing
> multiple-workgroup support. Programmers get lazy and don't bother
> adding a workgroup field to a call then you are stuck with that
> decison.


	Gross hack from a samba wannabe hacker: if the server has two
physical network interfaces or maybe an ip alias wouldn't be possible to
associate each workgroup to different net interface and that way requests
that come from one interface would get the worgroup associated to that
interface when the workgroup is not indicated by the client?

	Apologies if this is a too stupid suggestion 8)

- Arnaldo

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