multiple nmbds domains workgroups

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Fri Sep 14 08:06:08 GMT 2001

Kenny Stoltz <spacecow at> requests: [edited to the essence]

> I need support in nmbd for multiple domains and workgroups. ... I want a
> single machine to not only impersonate multiple smbd machines, but also
> multiple wins servers, browsers, and pdcs on different workgroups on
> different subnets on the same machine. I have succeeded in doing so ...
> I have to specify netbios name and config file to get it started, but it
> works. ... However it takes quite a bit of memory and I would like to
> see it supported inside samba the way it should be. 

My view is that this sounds like a fairly major addition that would benefit
few administrators, but would complicate the documentation, source code
base, testing requirements, and support requirements for all of us. All so
you can save a few

My vote is to spend the money on the hardware and keep the Samba software
and documentation from getting even more complicated!  (I almost said "Keep
Samba simple!" but I caught myself just in time... ;-).

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