Samba Share Permissions

D&D Jordan donj at
Mon Sep 10 10:10:25 GMT 2001

Good Day to All,
I am having a bit of a problem with shares.
When I use swat to create the basic setup i.e. security, password server,
workgroup, home, etc. all works fine.
When I create shares anywhere else except for /tmp/somesharename there is no
write access allowed no matter how many features I setup such as writeable =
Yes, create mode = 0777, browsable = Yes, in addition to the default read
only = No.
If I use the standard smb.conf file and not use swat, the results are the
So, after reading the man pages for smb.conf I cannot find a reference to
what is happening. I suspect that it may not be so much samba as it is the
filesystem. So, can anybody tell me why I have no write access, by the
configuration file I should have it but don't.

D. Jordan
Running RH 7.1, Samba 2.2

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