Fw: Re: Implemented OPLOCK for FreeBsd

David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Mon Sep 10 05:23:02 GMT 2001

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> The reason we don't want another different kernel oplock
> interface in Samba is that testing these things is a bloody
> nightmare. IRIX is a special case as it was the first. Then
> the cleaner Linux interface was added. This works nicely, and
> is generic enough to be used by many other programs as well
> as Samba. It's the interface we're asking propritary UNIX
> vendors to adopt.

	I can't speak for Sun, but if asked I'll
	argue for the linux approach: besides, I can
	hide a different **implementation** under an
	invariant **interface** (;-))

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