Turkish translations for swat

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at arayan.com
Mon Sep 10 00:10:15 GMT 2001

> Yes, this is fixed in the latest i18n SWAT version.

If this is in CVS, what is the CVS magic that we need to check out this

> If SGML version exists, translate SGML version. YODL is obsolete, MAN
> is generated from SGML. In addition you need to translate several TEXT
> documents.

Will do.

> I myself prefer non-description version, but I will use description
> version if more people prefer this version.

I certainly prefer this. I tried looking at the translated swat from a
non-English user's perspective, and as far as configuring samba is
concerned, everything remains in English -- unless we use descriptions.

I do translations for a lot of the command line programs, and long (and
sufficiently descriptive, in English) option names is often a problem we
encounter (something like --no-text-files-given for example). We get around
this by adding an explanation in the help section for the localized
versions.  Translating option names themselves would make it look more
localized, but would break portability (the local language option would not
work on a computer with a different default language).  But some extra
explanation needs to be there to level the playing field -- after all, if
people are well versed in English, they don't need the localized versions,
do they?

I see this as similar. Why don't you like the description version?  English
version could remain as is.

Best regards,

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