[jlemon@flugsvamp.com: Re: Fw: Re: Implemented OPLOCK for FreeBsd]

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Sat Sep 8 19:02:19 GMT 2001

> When I looked at this recently it also became apparent that
> we don't support level2 oplocks in the kernel (jeremy, please
> correct if I'm wrong).

the Linux API does support level2, but right now the Samba code
doesn't take advantage of that.

Before changing that what we really need is a good oplock test
suite. We really have no way of validating our oplock code at the
moment, so I'm reluctant to make changes before we are able to do that

I did start on a oplock testsuite in smbtorture, but it is woefully
inadequate at the moment. We will need some sort of state machine and
a dual server test to validate our behaviour against NT.

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