Fw: Re: Implemented OPLOCK for FreeBsd

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Sep 7 20:03:23 GMT 2001

On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 07:57:39PM -0500, Jonathan Lemon wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 05:26:47PM -0700, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > then that's one answer, but to implement it "your way" (with
> > some ill-defined internal queueing limit) vs. a defined
> I'll direct you to my USENIX paper for this one.  There are _NO_
> internal queueing limits, so there is nothing to bite you.  Any
> failures are handled at allocation time when registering a new 
> event, and reported to the application.

Well then doesn't that mean you could implement the POSIX.4
realtime signal queues on top of kqueues, and return -1 for
the max signal queue sysconf request ?

BTW: Can you give me the URL for the paper ?


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