Local profiles for specific users?

Simo Sorce idra at samba.org
Fri Sep 7 01:28:12 GMT 2001

On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 02:25:11PM -0500, Steven French wrote:
> Wouldn't this be just a minor change to the pdb_get_profile_path routine or
> to the SAM_ACCOUNT initialization and not be registry related?

Hi, steven.
It will require you to set a share onevery workstation where the system
can "download" the profile to put it in the C:\WIN...\Profiles

The difference between Local profiles and Roaming Profiles (as far as I know
from experience) is that Local Profiles are stored locally in the Profiles
directory and do not get copied at any logon, while roaming profiles get
copied any time from the location specified by the relative field in users
account info.

> I always thought that the profile path was 1st retrieved during logon, not
> via registry APIs, but just as in the case of retrieving the home_dir_drive
> via a call to the equivalent of NetUserGetInfo level 3 (presumably sent via
> ms dce/rpc in most cases now rather than via RAP).   Alternatively it can
> be retrieved by level 1052 or 4 of the same call but I doubt that is
> happening here although the new level user_info_4 looks like it will be
> important for XP support.    I was trying to figure out how we init the
> various fields in the key user_info_3 structure in _net_sam_logon in
> srv_netlog_nt.c  It looks like the profile path is gotten from a call to
> pdb_get_profile_path in the routine init_net_user_info3 so it should be
> easy enough to remap profiles by changes to the initting of the SAM_ACCOUNT
> data structure without dealing with registry stuff.

The new tdb based passdb backend already have fields for each users to
specify these parameters (it only needs a bit more testing).

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