Solaris 2.8 major performance issue

Scott Moomaw scott at
Thu Sep 6 09:10:09 GMT 2001

I believe that I have discovered a reason for the major performance
problems that we're experiencing with the latest CVS on Solaris 2.8. In
configure, the determination for LARGEFILE64_SOURCE read as follows:

# Defines needed for Solaris 2.6/2.7 aka 7.0 to make it admit
# to the existance of large files..
# Note that -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE is different from the Sun
# recommendations on large file support, however it makes the
# compile work using gcc 2.7 and 2.8, whereas using the Sun
# recommendation makes the compile fail on gcc2.7. JRA.
                case `uname -r` in

The test is failing for Solaris 8 (obviously) which causes samba to
compile without LARGEFILE code.  Adding the proper CPPFLAGS dramatically
improved performance.  Shouldn't Solaris 8 be added to the conditionals in

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