DCE/RPC NamedPipe Transport emulation

John E. Malmberg malmberg at Encompasserve.org
Thu Sep 6 07:24:06 GMT 2001

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Wez Furlong wrote:

> Yeah.  I wonder if I'm in a position to test it?  Does win2k have
> decnet support on the CD?

No.  It may be available as part of the Pathworks Client software package.

There was on the TechNet and other kits, an OSI Transport Level 4 driver
for Microsoft Windows NT that was developed by Intel.  It may be available
for free download.

However if you can aquire hardware that is supported by OpenVMS, free
non-comercial hobbyist licenses are available from Compaq for not only
the operating system, network stacks, but for all the development tools.
Some of them are well known to be second to none.

This includes Advance Server A.K.A. as Pathworks an SMB protocol server.
Use of the file and print access requires an additional license purchase.

Use of the DCOM components does not though.

So those on these lists that are not doing commercial development and
can live with the HOBBY license conditions, adding an OpenVMS system to
your home network can be done very cheaply.

> > _if_ anyone would find it useful, that is :)

I do not think there would be much demand for DECNET on most Microsoft
windows NT systems.  LANMAN protocols duplicate the most used

I have not tried DECNET on LINUX yet.  If the implementation is complete
I will probably use it a lot, once I get a LINUX systems running again.

> :)
> Yeah, what's it good for exactly? ;)

Transparent file access (simple record stream access) between trusted and
untrusted hosts.  Almost like using UNC names on a Microsoft platform.
Think of being able to access a file anywhere on your network by any
program on your system just by specifying a path.  No need to have a
remote file system mounted, no need to have an rhost file set up.

Remote procedure calls that can be accessed from any programming language
including shell scripts.

An official X11 transport.

A routable protocol.

Security so that you can have trusted users, trusted hosts, anonymous
users, all transparent to the applications.

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