Shared memory and IPC

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Sep 5 18:23:06 GMT 2001

> Now, the other thing is that COM provides a means to allocate shared
> memory using it's IMalloc interface (well, you can ask for a shared
> memory implementation of IMalloc).  I'd like to provide this in our COM
> implementation; the problem is that I think we need to implement a
> full blown "malloc manager" for the shared memory to support malloc,
> free, realloc etc. etc.  Memory allocated using the COM IMalloc must
> be passable directly to another process (ie: appear at the same address),
> so I think we might need a COM-wide shared memory context of some kind.

holy cow.  i'm cc'ing this out to a number of lists i know of in
case someone can answer authoritatively.

does anyone else know how this could be done?

is it possible to get memory allocated in one process to be shared
with another process *at the same address* on unix, os/2, nt, vms etc?

the critical one for the dcom project at the moment is unix.

please could you cc in the dcom-dev at list
in any discussions, for relevant records.

thanks for your help,


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