Oops, the quota bug I asked about must still be open...

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Tue Sep 4 06:32:03 GMT 2001

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, David Collier-Brown wrote:

> "Michels, Gustavo [EES/BR]" wrote:
> > Humm... I could try to use Red Hat 7.0 that has a 2.2.16 kernel, but
> > I guess quota support is not THAT important for me, so I could
> > postpone this for a while.
> 	That's actually a differenmt problem: the
> 	original quota patch for samba depended on
> 	a couple of struct entries exusting.
> 	Does anyone have that patch for Gustavo?

Not off the top of my head.  We trying to address issues like
incremental patches in the future, but right now we have a
hard time issuing "Hot Fixes" due to our development model.

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