Errors compiling latest CVS on Solaris 8

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Sep 4 06:21:02 GMT 2001

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Toomas Soome wrote:

> yes, I agree with this, but still I expect at least some reaction about
> my post - reason why it will be rejected or delayd etc.... and of course
> this is not my problem - there has been lots of people asking about
> status of their problem in samba-technical....
> don't take me wrong - I know there are lots of issues with protocol and
> people in samba team are busy, this is not commertial project etc etc,
> but still some issues can be solved better -- samba-bugs web interface
> is quite good starting point for example....


You are right of course.  You have every right to expect
some type of reaction to a submitted patch.  We are working on
improving this some more.  Simo has picked up the bug tracking
system which has helped tremdendlously, but we still need to
fix several broken parts of the process.  Thanks for your

cheers, jerry
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