unicode with VFS support.

Rainer Link link at foo.fh-furtwangen.de
Sat Nov 24 10:56:02 GMT 2001

Ariel Mella wrote:

> actually samba (any cvs version) doesnt support vfs.
> i find a patch to reenable it.
> but when i use it seems like UNICODE is broken because i cant use chars like
> ñ é â even if i dont use a vfs module (in the smb.conf) in a samba share. i
> can create files but i cant delete it, or i can create directories but i
> cant open or delete it..
> attached is the patch i used it..

Actually, the question is if the VFS patch broke unicode support (I
don't think so)
Or if unicode support is generally broken within the VFS layer. The VFS
module itself imho 
couln't be the culprit, because the VFS module Ariel uses doesn't hook
opendir for example. 
(he actually refers to my samba-vscan stuff and the audit example

Just for clarification :-)

cheers, Rainer

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