NetBIOS Trouble?

Suman Sai saisuman at
Sat Nov 17 19:45:02 GMT 2001

Dear All:

I'm having a problem with Samba. It's running on RedHat 7.1, Samba version 
2.0.7. It's on a two-computer network with a Windows 2000 computer.

I've set the NetBIOS name = setting in smb.conf to "LINUXCOMP". And from my 
Windows computer, when I say "net view", I can see LINUXCOMP in the list. I 
have two public shares in Samba, and I can't browse through them in windows 
- "Network Path Not Found".

Even in Linux, when I do nmblookup LINUXCOMP, it says "not found". But I can 
do nmblookup "WINCOMP", and get the Windows PC's IP address. Why is the 
NetBIOS name being detected by the Windows computer, but not the Linux 
computer? Why is the Windows computer not able to see the list of shares? I 
have enabled "encrypt passwords=yes", netbios-ssn is up and running, so are 
the nmbd and smbd daemons.

My most puzzling query is why I'm not able to do a NetBIOS nmbd lookup on 
the Linux computer.

Would be really grateful towards any help.

-Thanks and Regards,

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