delete on close problem

Scott Moomaw scott at
Wed Nov 14 13:57:10 GMT 2001

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Ok, it looks like we're triggering another client bug (god I'm
> getting sick of these). Do you have "large readwrite = yes" set
> in smb.conf ? If not, can you try again with this set....
> W2k->w2k is using a completely different set of infolevels
> to query the file before delete, so I'm suspicious. We do
> support these new levels, but we're not being sent them.

Good news/bad news . . . we tried things with "large readwrite = yes" and
got the same issue.  Just a few minutes ago though, Command Antivirus
released an update that once applied corrects the problem.  Among the
fixes in the release notes for the AV upgrade:

  "Some customers reported that when MS Windows NetWare(r) Client
   is installed, temporary files are created repeatedly when saving
   a MS-Office application file from Windows NT to a NetWare server.
   This has been fixed."

We do not have a Netware client loaded nor did we change anything on the
client between the w2k->samba failure and the w2k->w2k success.

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