magic directory names in print$ share

James Nord teilo at
Tue Nov 13 01:22:05 GMT 2001

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

>On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Tim Potter wrote:
>>Right - I've debugged not creating a W32X86 directory under my print$
>>share for the last time.  (-:  It's time to fix it.
>We were never supposed to create W32X86, WIN40, etc... automatically.
>Only the "0", "2", "3", etc... subdirectories.
>>I propose another parameter (noooooo!) that specifies the printer
>>driver architectures that are supported for point and print which
>>defaults to just W32X86.  The first time a user connects to the share
>>if these architecture directories do not exist then they are created.
>Why not just create them all by default?  It's spelled out in the
>documentation that the admin should create the directoris beforehand.
Ahh f**k  just spent 5 hours on that... I thought it was because I was 
using a Win2000 Server CD to install the drivers from a machine 
installed with XP pro..

Ah well RTFM...

>>I realise that this behaviour is documented but it's pretty silly, and
>>if I can fall in to this hole multiple times then it is going to trap
>>lots of other people as well.
>This complaint has not come up on samba at that I can remember.
Erm hi ;-)


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