That troublemaker again (replace domain logons =, domain master=)

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Mon Nov 12 16:29:08 GMT 2001

Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
>> Why not
>> simply have documentation which presents this chart?  Removing
>> the "security" parameter will break all existing
>> documentation, configuration files, and third party tools.
>> Not to mention making sysadmins relearn how to configure Samba.
>Of course, such chart would be very helpful as the "transient" phase.
>Why not to support new parameter, and the two "old" ones ? One might
>then use old-style configuration and another -- the new-style. Of
>course serious warning or even an error should be indicated in case of

I vote for this one.
Changing "security" parameter immediately on the next major version is
too radical but it's something reasonable.

> >                    PDC        BDC       Standalone (also member)     DMB
> > domain master =     Y          N                 N                    Y
> > domain logons =     Y          Y                 N                    N

Why don't you include "os level" and "preferred master" parameter?
On Windows implementation, "server role" affects at least these

  - domain master
  - preferred master
  - domain logons
  - os level
  - local master

and maybe
  - security

I think these parameters are left but their default value should be
changed "auto", depending on "server role" although can be set by
And it's reasonable that setting by hand causes a warning with
DEBUG(0,) that says " this parameter will be removed on next
major release..."

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