WinXP and Samba 2.2.2 problem : Curiouser and curiouser (nmdb problem?)

Andrew de Quincey andrew at
Thu Nov 8 14:36:01 GMT 2001

OK, I have managed to get the client winxp machine to logon to the domain!!!
But I have also found something.... interesting.

I can only logon if I have nmbd set to debug level 10 (lower levels seem to
work as well, but less reliably so)

The client winxp machine is an AMD 1.2 GHz Tbird, and the SAMBA server is an
AMD K-6 233.

To me, this has the smell of a timing problem... log level 10 spits out
MASSES of debug information, slowing nmbd down greatly (I would assume)

I can reliably reproduce this, by running nmbd in debug level 0, and debug
level 10, and attempting to login (you have to reboot the client if you
restart NMBD.. windows networking was always a bit sensitive)

Basically, I think the machine fails to logon to the domain if I use debug
log 0... so I never see any traffic on port 139, because it never gets that
far. (I do hope this is not a load of rubbish :)

I'm going to have a look at port 137,138 packet logs to see if there are
timing/ordering differences.

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