smbc_opendir, libsmbclient and broadcasting...

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at
Thu May 31 18:17:49 GMT 2001

I'm using libsmbclient on a Linux machines with three interfaces (3
seperate subnets) set up.  When I use smbclient, Samba broadcasts on all 3
when looking for machines.  However, when I use libsmbclient to do a
smbc_opendir on a workgroup, eg: smb://STUDENTS, it returns only the
machines that are on the first ethernet interfaces (eth0) and doesn't
appear to broadcast on the others.  Is this because smbc_opendir, when
indexing a workgroup only broadcasts to find a master browser until it
finds one (which would naturally be on the first subnet) and then stops?
Is there any way to force smbc_open to look for the master browser on a
set subnet?

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