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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu May 24 20:13:47 GMT 2001

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Michael Davidson wrote:

> I saw your messages about the problems with default ACLs under
> Solaris, and I constructed a test case similar to the one that you
> gave just to see if the same problem existed on UnixWare and, just
> like you, the test case works :-(

Annoying isn't it.  :-\

> I have stared at the code for quite a while and really can't see how
> you could lose the individual group and user entries from the default
> ACL without losing the *entire* default ACL, but I haven't actually
> tried to debug this live so to speak.

I agree.  The code looks correct.  And what goes into the acl() looks
right.  Glad it's not just me :-) You can reproduce the bug by setting the
acl on a directory from and NT box though right?

Cheers, jerry
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