samba 2.2, redhat and acls

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Thu May 24 17:44:35 GMT 2001

I am trying to get acls to work in linux with samba. The acls work on
their own, and clients are properly allowd or denied access through samba,
but I am having trouble when actually trying to use an nt client to look
at or change acls. When doing so, I can only see the normal unix
permissions, ugo, and none of the added acls are shown. When I try to
change anything, I am given access denied. I am using samba 2.2 for file
service (with acl support) under one netbios name and ip, and samba tng
for pdc on the same machine with a different netbios name and ip. Is this
the problem? Will changeing and viewing acls from an nt client be possible
in this situatuion? I see that most everyone else has gotten this to work,
and I would love to have this ability, since it makes it alot easier on
the tech support and mis people to not have to use command line utils.
Thanks for any help. If any more info is needed, I can provide it.

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