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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed May 23 22:30:29 GMT 2001


I have what appears to be a bug in the Solaris 8 acl()
library function.  When I pass in the following array 
of 'struct acl' (i've comment them to show what they
actually are)

{a_type = 0x1, a_id = 0xffffffff, a_perm = 0x7}		user::rwx
{a_type = 0x4, a_id = 0xffffffff, a_perm =
0x5}		group::r-x
{a_type = 0x8, a_id = 0xae, a_perm =
0x5}			group:test:r-x
{a_type = 0x10, a_id = 0xffffffff, a_perm = 0x5}	mask:r-x
{a_type = 0x20, a_id = 0xffffffff, a_perm = 0x5}	other:r-x
{a_type = 0x1001, a_id = 0xffffffff, a_perm = 0x7}	d:user::rwx
{a_type = 0x1004, a_id = 0xffffffff, a_perm = 0x4}	d:group::r--
{a_type = 0x1008, a_id = 0xae, a_perm =
0x5}		d:group:test:r-x
{a_type = 0x1010, a_id = 0x0, a_perm =
0x4}			d:mask:r--
{a_type = 0x1020, a_id = 0xffffffff, a_perm = 0x4}  d:other:r--

what gets written to disk is...

	group::r-x              		#effective:r-x
	group:pcmaint:r-x               #effective:r-x

The default setting for the named group 'test' is not there.
Any thought on this one?  Is there a bug with Solaris ACLs?
This is tested on a Solaris 8 box with patches current up
to one week ago.  I can get the exact list if you would like.

cheers, jerry
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